Vintage Shaw Du-All Tractor

Vintage Shaw Du-All Tractor

April 5, 2020 Categories Misc

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This is my vintage Shaw Du-All model R6 made by Shaw Manufacturing out of Galesburg, Kansas. I believe it was made in 1948 (based on dates on the transmission housing), but not 100% sure. It was my grandpa’s, then my uncle’s, and now it is mine. It’s quirky and I love it.

I think it could use a tune-up and a new paint job (hasn’t had one in 20+ years), but all-in-all it’s a damn good tractor. I don’t know that it was my grandpa’s favorite tractor, but I remember him taking a lot of pride in it. He had fixed it up, painted it, and would take it to tractor shows. I don’t remember him doing that with any of his other tractors. As soon as I have the time (and a place to work on it), I want to take it all apart, get everything cleaned up nice, repainted, and restored to its proper glory.

It has a 9hp Wisconsin AENLD engine, which I don’t think is the original engine. From what I’ve read, the original 1948 R6’s came with a Briggs and Stratton ZZP engine. It wasn’t until the later model R6’s that the Wisconsin engine was used. It’s kind of difficult to find accurate information because in 1962 Shaw was bought by Bush Hog and they destroyed all records and serial number lists. All the information I have is pieced together from old advertisements, some original Shaw catalogs, and information I find here and there online.

Anywho, here’s some more detailed photos:

The history of Shaw Manufacturing is quite interesting. They started as a watch dealer in 1903, then went on to make motors to convert a bicycle into a motorcycle, then made a simplistic automobile, and eventually went on to make tractors and lawn mowers before selling the company in 1962. I read that in the early ’30s Shaw basically saved Briggs and Stratton from going under because they were purchasing a boxcar full of engines every week. There’s this cool video someone made that goes through a lot of old photos around the history of Shaw.

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