I Bought Land (Finally)

I Bought Land (Finally)

July 9, 2018 Categories Tiny House

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OK, so really this is old news and I’m just now posting about it. I bought a small chunk of land back at the end of April. I’ve never bought land before, but the process was fairly simple. Since I bought it from people I know, I was able to do a Quitclaim Deed, then file a real estate transfer return with the state, and then mail the deed and transfer receipt into the county. The whole process took about a month for the land to actually get in my name and most of that was figuring out the steps to take. Since I bought it in cash, I didn’t have a bank to handle all the paperwork for me.

The land itself is three acres, very flat, and almost entirely wooded. I say almost because we cut down a few trees to make a clearing where the tiny house will likely go. However, there’s still trees in every direction you look. It’s also nicely secluded. Just to get to the land, you have to drive about 1/3 mile down a narrow dirt road.

Here are some pictures from the front entrance area to the land.

And if the pictures don’t really tell enough, here is a crappy video of me walking up the “driveway” into the open area.

Things I want to get done:

2 thoughts on “I Bought Land (Finally)”

Daniel Chen · July 9, 2018

How much is a land like this?

Luke · July 9, 2018

I paid about $3,000 per acre, but the cost will depend on location. I could buy the same amount of land further North for about $1,000 per acre. Land closer to a big city or in town could easily be $10-$30K per acre.

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