Fire Pit

Fire Pit

July 30, 2018 Categories Tiny House

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This past weekend I took on the simple task of building a fire pit. It’s one of the first things I’m doing to the land because I can’t imagine having land in the country without one. It still needs some seating added and a few more bags of rock around the outside, but I’m pretty happy with it as it is.

As usual, I just went to Home Depot and looked around for a bit until I found some supplies I liked. It took a little over an hour to turn those supplies into a working fire pit. I thought it was going to take longer, but I had help building it and it turns out things go a lot faster that way. It only takes a few steps to construct:

  1. Dig out rough circle.
  2. Pour down paver base (fine gravel). Pack down using a steel tamper.
  3. Pour down leveling sand. Pack down using a steel tamper.
  4. Stack pavers on sand. Make sure they’re level.
  5. Add river rock around the outside.
  6. Start a fire and enjoy.

I think the part that I got the most enjoyment out of was that I forgot to bring a level along so everything was just eyeballed for accuracy. Then we (and by “we” I mean “not me”) realized smartphones contain a level app and we used that and a 2×4 to check how accurate we were. Believe it or not, that thing is perfectly level.

I’m not 100% sure it’ll stay where it’s at right now, but it seems like a good spot. Once I’m more sure, I’ll take the pavers back apart and add some concrete adhesive in between the layers to really lock it in place. It also needs some seating, as all that’s out there right now are some temporary plastic chairs. I’m going to be cutting a few logs in half down the center and turning them into seating to go all around it – but that’s probably next weekend.

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