Driveway Install

Driveway Install

August 22, 2018 Categories Tiny House

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Yesterday I had a gravel driveway installed out at the land and boy does it make a difference! Since even before I owned the land, there’s only been a makeshift driveway in place (and a few years ago it was all woods). For the most part, the simple driveway worked well for being able to get out there. However, when driving down it you had to watch out for stumps in some random spots and it was more area I had to mow.

I decided to go with a small roundabout at the end of the driveway to make getting in and out easier and double as more parking space. The area the driveway ends at had six or more stumps leftover from some trees we cut down back in April (where I was originally going to put the tiny house, but have since changed my mind) and it’s wonderful to see that area all cleaned up now. I made sure to throw as much extra brush and downed branches into the area before they started cleaning it all up. Although I’ve spent the past few weekends trying to clean up brush from around the area, there are still piles of it everywhere. Luckily there’s a place nearby that rents a massive wood chipper. I’ve already rented it once and shredded a pile of branches taller than my truck, so I know I’ll be renting it again once I build up another pile.

Hopefully in a couple weeks I can get the tiny house towed out there. It’ll be nice to have things to a point where I could have people come out to the land, see the tiny house, have a camp fire, play cards, etc.


You can see a lot of the stumps that used to be there. After destroying my mower blade when I hit a couple of them, I painted most of them bright orange to avoid hitting them again. The paint also helped point them out to the excavator and they ripped all of them out.

Stump Removal

It took them almost no time at all to rip out all the stumps and remove all the brush from the area. It was a little sad to see how quickly they cleaned the area up using the heavy machinery, as I’ve been working for multiple weekends cleaning up other areas by hand and it takes so much longer to do.


Things started looking better as soon as they had everything clear and the truck loads of fill and gravel started coming in. I wouldn’t mind having access to a Bobcat to do some more stuff like this.


I think the finished driveway looks great. Once all the dirt around it gets reseeded and becomes green again, it should really pop. I especially love the few trees in the center of the driveway. I’ll definitely be cleaning that area up some more to make it more of a focal point.

Here’s a video of me walking down it for better perspective.

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David Hennessy · August 22, 2018

Awesome. Happy for you!

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