Tiny House: Sliding Door

Tiny House: Sliding Door

September 2, 2017 Categories Tiny House

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It feels like it took forever to be able to build and install my sliding door for my bathroom, but it’s finally mounted up on the wall and I love it. I honestly didn’t think I would like it as much as I do.

I haven’t been able to build or install it until recently because I didn’t have the trim around the door opening to get the measurements that the door would be built to. I didn’t have the trim up because I didn’t have the paneling on the wall. I didn’t have the paneling on the wall because I didn’t have the counter done and needed the paneling to not be there in order for the countertop to drop into place. So yeah, it’s been a long wait.

Last weekend I was able to get the paneling up and install the trim work. Everything is finally starting to look like it’s supposed to.

I also started building the sliding door last weekend. I used the door as an excuse to buy another fun toy that I’ve talked myself out of time after time before – a 12.5in DeWalt Planer. This time I couldn’t talk myself out of it because I had some 3/4in thick boards that I needed to be 1/2in. There was simply no easy way for me to do that without a good planer. Now if only I had a jointer…

I didn’t take pictures while building the door, but it’s made of the same wood I used on my siding and ceiling – the “Bannack Brown” Montana Ghost Wood. I planed six boards to be 1/2in thick, glued them to a 1/2in sheet of plywood, and glued some white paneling to the “inside” of the door. It ends up being 1-1/4in thick, which is exactly what I needed for the sliding barn door track I bought months and months ago. I also trimmed around the edges of the door with some thin strips of wood painted black for contrast and added a door pull.

Enough jibber jabber, here’s a few pics of the door.

Completely unrelated, I also nailed up a sign I bought almost a year ago on Etsy. Adding little things like this makes me feel a lot closer to being done.


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