Tiny House: Rustic Screen Door

Tiny House: Rustic Screen Door

May 29, 2017 Categories Tiny House

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I’ve been working on building a rustic screen door and yesterday I finally got it installed. Simply put, I love it. Some of my earliest memories are at my grandpa’s old farm house, sitting on his steps making mud pies with Jenny, with an old screen door behind me. That thing was weathered, slightly askew, paint peeling, and had holes in the screen. Frankly, it was a pretty crappy door. But it was my favorite door. There was always ice cream in a cone somewhere on the other side.

I designed my door based on the one I remember from the farm, with the biggest difference being I added a couple extra dividers on the bottom. It feels like a genuine, redneck country door. With a door like this, I might have to learn to play the banjo.

One thing not very visible in the pictures is that I cut a small groove in the backside of the frame around all the areas that the screen touches. That groove is for the rubber spline that holds the screen tightly in place. It’s important to cut it before gluing everything together, otherwise it would be quite a pain in the rump… unless you have a really cool router bit to cut a channel like that, which I don’t.

I installed the door using hinges with built-in springs so the door closes itself with that classic screen door “double tap” closing noise. I was going to put a thin weather strip on the edge of the door to reduce the noise, but then I decided I liked it. It helps give it that rustic feel.

To top the door off, I installed a sweet ass eagle I found at an “Amish Walmart” while digging around for old tools. It looked too awesome to pass up. All I did was give it a fresh coat of flat black paint before screwing it in place. Look at this thing. It looks like it’s about to soar down and rip someone’s face off.

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