Tiny House: Kitchen (Part 2)

Tiny House: Kitchen (Part 2)

September 25, 2017 Categories Tiny House

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For the past couple weekends I’ve been mainly working on building the last of my kitchen cabinets. I’ve never actually built real cabinets like this before, but I built them to follow as close to my interpretation of the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association specification as I could. For added rigidity, I didn’t make my shelves adjustable. Instead, I cut dados into all the side panels to perfectly fit the shelves and glued everything in place. The corner cabinet was the most difficult to build and took far too much thinking, mainly because I used dados for everything and the entire cabinet fits together like a jigsaw puzzle. However, I do think my corner cabinet is incredibly strong because of how everything interlocks.

I finally caved and bought a router table and some simple tongue and groove router bits to make the cabinet doors more easily. Up until now I’ve been building the doors using a table saw to cut the groove out for the center panel, then following up with a chisel to remove any remaining material, then using dowels to secure the frame together. I feel these doors came out much better and went together much smoother.

Once I had all the cabinets built, I got them ready and mounted them up on the wall. Somewhat backwards, but I didn’t mount them with the faces attached. I did it that way because I had some tweaks to make and it made things a lot easier.

I painted the faces white and lightly went over them with some sand paper to remove some of the paint to give them more of a “farmhouse” look. I wasn’t planning on doing that, but after sanding it before giving them a second coat of paint, I liked it so much that I just left it that way. You can see in the last picture a better view of what the paint looks like after being sanded.

I’m really happy with how the cabinets came out. It’s also nice because now I can actually start storing some snacks and stuff for when I’m there living in it on the weekends.

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