Tiny House: Flooring

Tiny House: Flooring

May 14, 2017 Categories Tiny House

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I got the flooring put in place today. The stuff I went with is a vinyl plank flooring called “Seasoned Wood” and, if you didn’t guess by its name, it looks like seasoned wood. Other than the general appearance, I also bought it because each box comes with three different width pieces (three thicker pieces, three medium width, and three skinnier ones). Each piece doesn’t necessarily look like the other pieces either, as there’s some color variation, so the end result is something that looks less manufactured than it really is.

I don’t like Pergo or similar brands that basically sell you particle board with paper glued on top, as they get too easily damaged by water. It’s a floor. I expect my floor to get wet from boots or spills or whatever else and this brand is waterproof since it’s vinyl. It’s also kinda nice because it has the underlayment attached directly to the underside of each piece, so the install process is a little quicker.

The pieces simply snap and lock together. There’s nothing too technical about installing it. Just start in a corner and connect the planks together. I did buy a tapping block to use while installing it and that definitely helped to ensure the seems got tightly pressed together.

I tried to install it keeping the seems from lining up anywhere across it. The only thing I had to cut around was the first wheel well; the opposite side I got smart and used one of the skinnier planks so I wouldn’t have to notch it out. There’s more of a noticeable gap on that side, but once I build the wheel well box and install the trim, you’ll never be able to see it.

I like the flooring as a whole, but I didn’t think about how much the color would clash with the ceiling. The ceiling feels so vibrant and natural colored and the flooring is the exact opposite. I’m hoping that it’s only the bluish walls that’s throwing it off and once the paneling (which will be white) gets put up, things balance out more.

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Helen Opie · May 15, 2017

I think you are correct in expecting less vlashong of floor and ceiling when blue tint of walls is gone. Do consider an off-white; warmer to bring the ceiling warmth in more or cooler for the floor’s colour. Also your walls will probably have stuff on them; shelves, benches, coat pegs, maps or pictures; these both break up the conversation between ceiling and floor and add new elements to make it more interesting and probably more inter-related.

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