Tiny House: Building a Bed

Tiny House: Building a Bed

September 4, 2017 Categories Tiny House

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I finished up my bed/couch/lounge today and not only do I love it, but it’s surprisingly comfortable and I have already made use of some of its many storage compartments. I wouldn’t call the bed fancy in any way, but it’s definitely functional and multi-purposed.

I started by building a basic raised platform directly attached to the walls. The platform has 24in of vertical space underneath it and spans 7.5ft wide and 5.5ft deep. All that space should give me tons of storage capabilities. Eventually I’ll build some full extension drawers underneath there, but 60in full extension drawer slides cost $250 per set and I don’t feel like spending that right now (I’d want to get at least two sets). Until that time, the underneath will likely remain open, unfinished space.

Also, ignore the batteries for now. Although my DC power system will be under the bed, what’s there right now is only temporary. I just needed enough hooked up to power my lights and water pump.

Then I cut some 2x6s roughly 2ft high and spaced 22in apart to create some additional, more accessible storage for smaller things. I added some paneling to the front and built a little shelf to cover the top. The shelf will work awesome for storing my (fake) plants or the small amount of books I have.

I did something similar at the head of the bed, except the base is a little wider and it slants so that it’s more comfortable to use as a backrest. Instead of the top shelf folding up to access the compartments inside, I made the front tip open as I’m sure this will be the storage I use most often and wanted it really easy to access.

I created a very simple padded headboard using some thin sheets of foam doubled up, giving it about 2in of padding, and covered it using a blackout curtain. Why a curtain? Because it was only $10 and the material felt durable. I used my super awesome seamstress skills (a.k.a. a stapler) to attach the foam and cloth to squares of plywood, which I then attached to the hinged panel. Frankly, I think it looks badass. It’ll look a lot cooler once my real mattress goes up there. What you see in the pictures is only a twin size foam mattress topper. Eventually that will be a thick, Queen size bed.

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