Toy Box

Toy Box

December 24, 2015 Categories Projects

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My cousin asked me to build her kids a couple of large toy boxes, so I made some very simple boxes with padded tops for sitting. I started by cutting the following panels out of 1/2″ White Birch plywood to make a 16″x16″x48″ box.

  • Two 16″x48″ panels (one for the lid, one for the bottom)
  • Two 15″x48″ panels (one for the front, one for the back)
  • Two 15″x15″ panels (one for each side)

Once I had the panels all cut, I began gluing and nailing them together.

Then I drew on, cutout, and sanded locations where I wanted to have handle grips and a slot to make opening the lid extremely easy.

Being that these are for young kids, I figured they would get drawn on or marked up in some way, so I painted the entire box in a few coats of gloss white. After I had everything painted, I took some cloth and padding and covered the lid to make a cushion for sitting (I forgot to take pictures of the process). Once complete, I added some hinges and some lid supports to ensure the lid doesn’t smash their fingers.

This is the boy one (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles); I also made a “princess” one for a girl.

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