June 1, 2015 Categories Camper Van

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I started today getting ready to work on the kitchen some more, but ended up staining the entire van instead. I needed to permanently mount my stove and kitchen sink, but since I’m using old silo wood for the counter top and I’m not staining it, I needed to stain the wall behind the counter top so I didn’t mess up the counter and get stain on it later. What started as staining a small area, quickly turned into me deciding to just do the whole van.

The only work I got done on the kitchen was testing my propane lines to ensure they were leak free. I tested them in three ways: 1) by smell; I didn’t notice any propane odors when I turned the gas on, 2) with gas leak detector spray; I sprayed all the joints looking for any bubbles and none were found, and 3) I turned the tank off but left the lines pressurized for about 10 minutes then opened one of the gas valves; since I could hear the gas pressure being released, I knew the lines were holding it in. I’m confident I have a kitchen free of any gas leaks.

Anywho, I didn’t take any pics until after I had everything stained. I took the doors off all the cabinets to make staining easier. I’m letting it dry overnight, then I’ll put the doors back on tomorrow. The old, unfinished silo door wood that I’m using for my counter top is almost an identical match to the wall color. I kinda wish I stained the cabinets a different color than the walls to add a little contrast, but it’s too late now. I might go over it with a sander to bring back some of the lighter color and add some character to it. Not sure yet.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with the stain. It’s a little darker than I was going for, but I’m not too worried about it. I’ll just have to think of some ways to add some contrast in there. The counter top and floor are a very similar color to the walls and I don’t want everything to feel masked in the same blanket of brown.

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