Staining the Rear Wall

Staining the Rear Wall

June 7, 2015 Categories Camper Van

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A transformer exploded in the neighborhood today (the electrical kind, not awesome robot kind) so getting any work done was out of the question. About all I could do was stain the rear wall and add some caulking around the exterior side of the wall to keep light from entering/escaping. The power was restored not too long after I started working, but I have other stuff to do today so I still didn’t do anything else. Anywho, here are pictures. Very short day.

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Renzo · November 8, 2020

Again, my compliments on your cabinetry work. If you use a Pre-stain first, that gets rid of some of the ‘blotchy” areas. Softwoods like pine poorly accept stain unless you treat it first.

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