Route 66: Springfield, MO to Springfield, IL

Route 66: Springfield, MO to Springfield, IL

September 12, 2015 Categories Road Trips, Travel, USA

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Miles driven: 307.8

I’ve been in two Springfields today and I’ve yet to see any of the Simpsons. Granted, I didn’t see much of anything today. The only stop I made in Missouri was in St. Louis at the Arch. I’ve seen the Arch before, but today I went to the top of it. It’s $3 to get in, or free if you have an annual National Park pass (which I do). If you want to ride to the top of the Arch, it’s an additional $7 that the annual pass doesn’t cover. The entire park is currently under construction, which ruined some of the ground-level views, but once the construction is done, the park is supposed to look pretty snazzy.

The “elevator” up to the top of the Arch is quite unique. There are eight little pods (and I do mean LITTLE) that form somewhat of a train that climbs vertically up the Arch. The pods are barely four feet tall and are round-ish, so I had to tilt my head forward the entire ride up to avoid hitting it (a second time) on the wall/ceiling. They cram five people to a pod.

Once at the top, the view is amazing. You can even see some of the construction that’s going on in the park down below.

Seeing the Arch took a couple hours out of the day. The rest of the afternoon was more driving without any stops. The next stop I know I wanna make is 30 or 40 miles North in Atlanta, followed by a stop in Wilmington, and then finally Chicago. Hopefully I can do it all tomorrow and still make it out of Chicago before the traffic gets too crazy.

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