Porcupine Mountains State Park, Michigan

Porcupine Mountains State Park, Michigan

July 2, 2015 Categories Camper Van, Road Trips, Travel, USA

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Our camp out at the random casino last night worked out great and we were undisturbed the entire night. It was a very comfortable sleep, though it did get a little chilly at some point during the night. We hit the road around 10am and headed for the Porcupine Mountains State Park, right off the shore of Lake Superior. We got in the area a little after 11am and stopped along the beach to relax for a bit and have lunch.

After a stop off at the visitor center, we drove up to the Lake of the Clouds, another seven miles up the road. There’s a really nice scenic overlook about 300 feet from the parking lot. I snapped a few photos of the lake and then we headed out to hike part of the Escarpment Trail that follows the ridge along the lake. We only hiked about an hour before stopping on a cliff on the opposite end of the lake. I think we sat there for a good 45 minutes just staring out at the forest and the water, enjoying the view, and talking about completely random nonsense. Eventually, we hiked back to the van.

There’s only one campsite in the park with modern facilities and we took it upon ourselves to stop over and use the showers. We’d paid the $9 for the daily “Recreation Passport” and figured we’d get the most out of it. It was a nice way to cool off after the hike.

We ended the day by driving to the opposite end of the park to look at Manabezho Falls, which ended up not being as impressive as the post card at the visitor center. It was still cool to see a waterfall two days in a row.

We’re camping out in a Walmart parking lot tonight, so we’ll see how that goes.

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Joy · July 5, 2015

The views from what I’m assuming was the cliff are great! The footbridge and falls look fun too. Digging the tree stumps and such on the beach area.

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