Paneling the Walls (Part 3)

Paneling the Walls (Part 3)

May 11, 2015 Categories Camper Van

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This is part three; here is part one and part two.

I finished up paneling the wall this morning. All the boards today were the ones that needed special cuts to fit around either the wheel well or gas tank down tube. There’s a couple spots in the wall where two boards meet end-to-end that I’m not too happy with, but I’m hoping it’ll sand down nicely.

Once the wall was up, I put the outlets in. Even though I went and picked up an additional outlet and receptacle last night, I somehow forgot to get a faceplate for it. Oh, well. I’ll pick one up on my next supply run. There are three outlets in the kitchen area; one for the fridge, one for the microwave, and one that sits above the counter top for convenience, which has two USB ports built in for charging devices.

I got a call from the metal fabrication shop today letting me know the metal brackets I had them make for my solar panel were ready. I needed custom brackets made because of how high the slope in my roof is. With the 3″ brackets installed near the edge of the roof, the panel will be just high enough to clear the center of the roof. Hopefully I can get the solar panel installed in the next few days, as I’ve been waiting to finish the ceiling for awhile now and haven’t been able to since I need access to the roof to bolt the panel in place.

The only other productive thing I did today was mount the water heater. I went with a Marey 10L Tankless Water Heater, rated for 3.1 GPM to match my water pump’s rate of 3.0 GPM. The nice thing about this water heater is that it doesn’t require an electrical hookup, it just runs off of two D cell batteries to power the ignition. Since it’s tankless, I’m not wasting electricity or gas to keep water hot when I’m barely gonna use it. I mounted it as high on the wall as I was comfortable with to give me as much storage space underneath it as I could.

I’m gonna build a cabinet out around the water heater and add a screen door to it so it will get plenty of air flow. The space under the water heater will be used to store my space heater, in the event that I ever need it.

I spent a lot of time today just staring at everything and thinking about how I want it to go together. The biggest change I made today was how my kitchen will be assembled. I was gonna have the microwave built into a pull out shelving system that would sit under the sink area, but today I realized I have enough room to stack in on top of the fridge and still have space above it to have my stove “recessed” in the counter top. What I mean is that my stove will sit about 3″ lower than the sink will and then there will be an additional counter top over the stove the folds down when I’m not cooking. This will give me lots of counter space to just make a sandwich or anything else that doesn’t require cooking.

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David Michael · December 12, 2016

Great work on the walls. And thanks for the details.

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