Paneling the Walls (Part 2)

Paneling the Walls (Part 2)

May 10, 2015 Categories Camper Van

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This is part two; here is part one.

After picking up some more Liquid Nails from Home Depot last night, I used this morning to finish up carpeting what I started yesterday. I only had to add a couple more small pieces to do and then carpet the divider that I’m using to protect the outlet inside the storage compartment. I was originally gonna add some wood strips to hold the divider in place, but instead just cut it to fit a little tighter so it holds itself up.

I didn’t get started on anything else until later in the day, after much procrastinating, when I decided to work on the divider that separates the cab from the living space. I’m still undecided as to whether I want a full wall or just the wall behind the driver’s seat. The advantages of a partial wall are that I could still make the passenger seat swivel around later on to add a “recliner” to the living space and I could just use blackout curtains for privacy. I was debating on a full wall because it would be complete privacy and might make the living space not feel like it’s part of a van. A full wall would also mean I could mount the water heater behind the passenger seat to occupy some wasted space, but then I’d have the trouble of running the water and gas lines across the van.

For now, I’m just doing the partial wall and that’s what I built. It’s wide enough to allow for a deep counter top and still have a few inches to spare before the wall ends. I anchored it to the floor with 2″ self-tapping sheet metal screws and 1″ screws to anchor it down from the top of the cab. For the cab side I’m gonna cover it with some thin paneling and then carpet it using the same grey carpet in my storage area. I think it’ll blend in nicely with the rest of the cab area.

I added some 1×2 strips along the wall to have something to nail my wood paneling to, just like I did to the other wall. And, just like before, I started in the middle of the wall so that I had a seam right where the angle of the wall changes. I also made it as close to the same measurement as possible that I used on the other wall; that way if you look wall to wall, everything should look pretty even.

With the first board in place, I paneled the entire cab divider first. I did it this way so I can butt the panels on the long wall directly up against the divider to create a nice corner without having to do complex measuring.

I had to make some cutouts in the paneling on the long wall where my outlets will go. There’s gonna be three outlets in the kitchen area, all GFCI protected; one for the fridge, one for the microwave, and one that will sit above the counter area for convenience.

I didn’t finish the wall completely, but that will be tomorrow morning’s project. Then I’ll probably work on getting my water heater mounted so I can get the plumbing ran to it.

Feel free to check out part three.

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Nigel Southon · October 24, 2019

Hi I enjoyed reading your post and the pics that associate with it. Keep up the good work. Nigel

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