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April 8, 2015 Categories Camper Van

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Ok, I didn’t get the flooring started today, but I have a good reason and that reason is… umm… hey, look, a birdie!

I did, however, get the new stereo installed. The old AM/FM one was not gonna cut it. As I’ve said before, I almost exclusively listen to all of my music via a 32GB mini USB stick, so having a stereo with a USB port is a must for me. The only other feature that I “had” to have was the ability to connect a backup camera, which I still need to find one that I like. Stereo installs are pretty basic, so no fancy details today.

The stereo itself is actually really cool and I wish I had one like it in my other car. It has a lot of great features, which include: USB port, DVD player, “HD” radio, Bluetooth, hands free calling, Pandora, Sirius XM, video in (rear view camera), and video out. And I really love the visual, touch display. I’m greatly looking forward to getting a rear view camera and hooking that up so I can more easily back up the She-Beast’s badonkadonk.

While I had the dash ripped apart, I took the liberty of giving that area a more thorough cleaning. I even broke out the Q-Tips and cleaned all the little slots in the vents. I’ll tell ya, it was all pretty nasty and definitely needed a good scruba-dub-dub. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a rubber ducky so it wasn’t as fun as it could have been.

Unrelated to the stereo, I did some running around today snapping up “deals” off craigslist. I want a rustic, yet simultaneously modern feel to the interior and part of the rustic look I want is to use reclaimed wood. I want scratches. I want dings. I want imperfections. I stumbled across an ad for some old silo doors; they’re more like hatches, really. They’re roughly two feet squares and I bought up seven of them. I plan on trimming them down just a tad and lining up a couple together to use as my counter top for my sink and stove. I might rip apart the others and use the wood to build the rest of the cabinet, otherwise I’ll use them for something else. Here are some pics; they’re a little wet right now, but they’ll look a lot better once they dry out.

One of the other really cool finds I came across was a set of long, metal drawers for use in a truck bed or cargo van to haul around tools or whatnot. Even though I have a “massive” 66 square feet of living space, I have a feeling storage space will be at a premium and I’m trying to plan ahead now to save hassle later. I think these drawers will work great in the back of the van, which will mostly be covered by the bed anyway.

They look pretty bland right now and definitely need to be scrubbed down. I plan on giving them a coat of black paint, which I’ve already bought, and then lining the bottom of each drawer with that rubber or foam kitchen cabinet mats. Each drawer is 12″ wide and the entire unit is 57″ long. They’ll be great for storing muddy shoes, camping chairs, jumper cables, tools, all sorts of things.

The only other thing I did today was email a couple people who had ads to sell used barn wood. I think some reclaimed wood would look perfect lining the walls and will really capture the essence I’m trying to achieve. It’s also just cool to give new life and a new purpose to something that has been around for longer than I have. Once this sunny weekend gets here, I’m gonna try to pick up around 250-300 feet of it.

Tomorrow is supposed to storm all day and I know I won’t be getting any work done on the van. I’m gonna go out and take more exact measurements and start making some layouts so I can figure out where I want everything and possibly start designing the furniture. I have rough ideas, but I need to figure out the logistics and mechanics to get it done, as well as what materials I’ll need to purchase.

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Renzo · November 8, 2020

Nice drawer unit. These look like Weatherguard brand “Pack Rat” drawers. Very sturdy and expensive when new. Good Craigslist find!

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