Carpeting the Cab Wall

Carpeting the Cab Wall

June 9, 2015 Categories Camper Van

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Today I randomly felt like finishing the cab side of the dividing wall. I started by covering the wall in a thin sheet of hardboard to give me a clean, solid surface to attach some carpeting to. I cut the hardboard to as closely follow the contour of the van as I could, as I’m trying to keep light from getting in/out. Any little cracks will be sealed up with caulking or some of that spray foam later on.

With the hardboard in place, I began cutting and trimming some indoor/outdoor carpeting to glue onto the wall. I chose to cover it in carpeting to blend in more with the van interior. The van interior is gray, so the carpeting should blend in nicely, even though it’s a slightly different color of gray. I also added a cheap pull handle to the cab side of the door so I can close the door from within the cab.

Then I got to work on the box for the portable toilet. I was originally planning on making the lid fold up and the front support fold down, but that was before I decided to build the rear wall. With the rear wall there, the top of which tilts in 10°, having the toilet lid fold up was no longer an option. Instead, I built it as one large, removable corner piece that can be lifted out. It’s a little more hassle, but I only plan on using the toilet for emergencies anyway.

I also covered the propane box. I wanted the lid to fold straight up, not to the left, but I didn’t plan the design well enough and the lid hit the water pump switch when opened straight up. The lid needs to be able to open a complete 90° or more in order to get the propane tank in/out of the box.

The van is looking pretty good. The “extra” bed that the toilet and propane tank are under (driver side of the vehicle) is a bit shorter than the main couch/bed due to the kitchen cabinet extending over the raised floor. I don’t think anyone over 6′ could comfortably sleep on that side; not while it’s being used as its own bed, anyways. When the beds are joined together, you could easily sleep at an angle or curl up a little since there’s more width.

I made a list of the things I know I have left to do as of right now. There are 11 items on it, but some of them are related. If I can knock out a couple of them per day, I’ll be on track to leave around June 15th. I have a feeling it’ll be more like June 18th or 19th, though. Either way, that gives me a solid two months of solo travel before I head out to California to meet up with a potential travel partner, if things go as planned. I’m trying to find other people to travel with to make things a little cheaper and because I think it’d be more fun.


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