California Dreamin’

California Dreamin’

August 21, 2015 Categories Camper Van, Road Trips, Travel, USA

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Miles walked: ~11

Today began a new journey; well, really it began yesterday, but whatever. Yesterday I picked up Szilvia from the airport, bringing an end to the Wild Wild West portion of this trip and starting the California Dreamin’ Loop. Since it was late in the afternoon, we didn’t do much that day except check out Balboa Park and later in the evening we met up with my friend Janice and her cupcake (aka “love muffin”). Since Janice is a local of San Diego, we asked her about some places we should go to while there. It was also nice to catch up, as I hadn’t seen Janice since I left Hawaii a year ago.

We started today by heading downtown and just walking around the city for a bit. And by a “bit”, I mean we walked over seven miles. In flip-flops. My feet were killing me by the end of it. We didn’t find downtown to be that interesting, but there was some cool graffiti in a couple of places.

We ended up walking down towards the harbor and into Tuna Harbor Park, right next to the USS Midway museum, and there was a large statue of the famous “Sailor kissing a nurse” photograph. I didn’t even know such a thing existed.

After that, we headed over to the Old Town district, which was the beginning of San Diego back in the day. The area is kinda creepy, as it used to be an old cemetery and then they built roads and stuff on top of it. If you walk down the sidewalk, there are small, metal markers embedded into the concrete that indicate where grave sites are. I didn’t take my camera out with me, so I don’t have pictures.

Afterwards we headed over to the La Jolla district and checked out the beach area and saw some seals lounging around on the rocks like a bunch of slackers. The area around the seals was one of the most foul smelling things ever. I don’t know how people were hanging out down there for so long.

We ended the day at Sunset Cliffs, which was easily my favorite part of the day. It wasn’t crowded, it was very relaxing, and it was a nice view.

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Joy · August 24, 2015

The other day, well August 14, was actually the anniversary of the sailor kissing the nurse..That’s really cool you were at the statue

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