Building the Stove Cover

Building the Stove Cover

June 11, 2015 Categories Camper Van

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It was rainy today. I spent the morning working on my stove cover, a.k.a. my counter top. I began by ripping apart some more of the old silo doors I bought so I can reuse the wood from them. Once I had it ripped apart, I took all the nails out and ran all the boards through the table saw to clean up the edges. It created a nice, little stack of wood.

Then I laid all the boards out and cut about 3″ off the ends of each one. Those 3″ will be the stationary portion of the cover that the hinges will attach to.

I cut the boards for the cover to be even, then glued and screwed them to a scrap piece of hardboard I had left over.

I nailed on a front face board, added the hinges, and installed it over the stove. Right now, I just have it sitting in place because I’m thinking of changing the design. It currently has one set of hinges allowing the cover to fold straight up. Although there should be plenty of room to cook with the cover there, I think I can create more room by adding a second set of hinges in the center of the cover so it folds on top of itself and should tuck away under the “lip” where the wall changes angle. I definitely like having the counter top area and have already made use of it being there. Since I’ll only be cooking for 15 minutes or so a day, it just doesn’t make sense to allow the stove to take up all of the counter space for 24 hours a day.

I stopped for lunch and decided to take a break hoping the rain would let up. It didn’t. I don’t like working in the rain because I have to constantly go in and out of the van, tracking mud everywhere. I only ended up going back out because a package arrived that had my second LED light strip, a better dimmer switch, and some other things.

First thing in the package that was installed: a rooster sign that says “Wake the hell up!” I bought it as a nod to an old friend who used to always point out things with roosters on them when we’d go to stores together (she enjoyed making jokes about the other name for roosters). I also think it gives the van a cool retro/vintage feel, since it’s painted to look like an old sign.

The only other thing I did today was install the second LED light strip and test out the two strips together with the new dimmer switch I bought. I had to wire them twice because the first time I installed them I just defaulted to automotive wiring colors and assumed black was the negative wire but it’s actually the positive wire on these lights (it’s the same way house lighting is). The lights won’t turn on with the polarity incorrect, so I had to correct my mistake to get it working. They look a lot brighter in the picture than what they look like in person. Daylight was still shinning through the ceiling light, so I’m not sure exactly how well they light up the van. I’m gonna go out tonight after it gets dark and see how bright they really are.

I didn’t complete two list items today like I had hoped to, but I’m glad I at least got the one item done; now I’m down to eight things on my “To Do” list. I’m still trying to find people to travel with or do other activities. I may have found someone in Utah to show me some cool hikes; we’ll see. Utah is one of my favorite states and I plan on being there for a month or longer, so it’d be great to meet local people there and learn about places other travelers might not know about.

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