Building the Kitchen (Part 3)

Building the Kitchen (Part 3)

May 29, 2015 Categories Camper Van

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This is part three; here is part one and part two (it’s been awhile).

I started this morning by paneling the side of the water heater closet. To avoid having any extra seams, I cut what I could out of one full sheet. As you can tell, it’s an odd shape. It also took some finessing and a little sandpaper to get it into place. I like the tight fit against the wall for the top half of the cabinet, but I cut about an 1/8″ too much off a section on the bottom half so there’s a small gap showing near the wall. Frowny face. On the plus side, the cabinet is nice and square against the wall.

Next I built a little door to mainly access the knobs on the water heater, but it also gives me access to the water heater gas shutoff and other pipes in there. It’s not a fancy door and I wasn’t concerned about using recessed hinges or anything because the microwave blocks the view of the door almost completley. To keep the outside of the door clean, I added a sliding lock on the inside of the water heater cabinet which keeps the door shut tightly.

With the cabinet finally finished, I began setting my kitchen items in place. It’s all just sitting there right now so I could get a feel for things and make my measurements. It’s at this point that I realized the outlet on the wall behind the stove should have been a few inches higher. It’s fine the way it is, but once I add the stove cover, the outlet plate will be sitting directly on the counter top or within an 1/8″ of it. I thought about this before I paneled the ceiling and then completely forgot to do anything. There’s not much I can do now, but I may still attempt to “fix” it; just gotta think of how. My counter top sits just above the standard 36″. However, once the stove cover gets added, the final height will be just over 39″.

Now that I had my measurements to determine how high I needed to make the sink, I built the outer wall to support the other side of the counter. The space in between will be filled with three drawers for storage. I haven’t decided how high I want each drawer to be, but once I do, additional supports will be added to the frame where the drawer slides get attached.

Then I cut a small riser to bring the stove side up to where the sink will be. Again, the stove will be covered by another counter top that folds up and that’s why it sits lower than the sink level. It wasn’t until this point that I realized the faucet I was planning on using for my sink wasn’t gonna work because of how high the sink will be. I’m going to have to get a shorter faucet instead of the goose neck one I currently have.

Then I built the counter top for my sink. It’s mostly just a hole with a little bit of wood around it. This is the reason I have the stove lower than the sink and will have it covered by another layer of counter – so I’ll actually have some counter space.

Once it was done, I dropped the sink in and set the whole thing in place. Nothing is secured, this was just to get a feel. It won’t get attached until after I built the other counter that sits over the stove.

I should be able to get the other counter built tomorrow and then start facing the cabinet. I’m not sure if I’ll get all the drawers built, as I also have to install the drain and gray water tank, which will be going underneath the van.

Continue on to part four.

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Cassie · June 1, 2015

You could turn your sink so the faucet is on the faucet is on the left side if you wanted to keep the higher faucet for filling bottles and such. Just a thougt.

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