Building the Kitchen (Part 2)

Building the Kitchen (Part 2)

May 14, 2015 Categories Camper Van

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This is part two; here is part one.

I took the van in yesterday to get the transmission filter and fluid changed out and get a coolant flush done, as I have no idea how long those fluids have been in there. I still want to bleed the brakes to get new fluid pumped into the system and put new oil in the differential. While the van was in the shop, I made a run out to the junk yard to get an original air intake system to replace the redneck, aftermarket one that’s on there now. Turns out, the air intake I picked up must have been from a smaller engine or something because it doesn’t fit my engine, at least not with the hoses I have for it.

The only thing I did on the van yesterday was finish the plumbing. I only had one fitting to add and then I wrapped the rest of the pipe with insulation. I still have to run all the propane lines, but I’m procrastinating hard on that.

This morning I topped off the bottom half of the water heater cabinet and added some carpeting to the floor on the inside of it, too.

Then I started on the fridge frame.

And followed that up with the microwave frame directly on top of the fridge.

Since the inside of the fridge and microwave cabinets will be partially visible, I bought some 1/4″ White Birch plywood to add to the sides, that way I can stain it and it should look pretty decent.

I built part of the water heater cabinet wall so I can add some plywood to it later to finish building the kitchen. I can’t finish the entire cabinet until my ceiling is done, which I can’t do until I install the solar panel.

Next up, it was time to work on the stove top. I began by making a partial box and covering the bottom with plywood. Because the bottom of the stove box is also the top of the microwave box, I used the 1/4″ Birch again so I can stain it later.

Then I built an insert that matches the stove dimensions and acts as bracing for the wood on top.

For those paying attention, you might remember that awhile back I bought some old silo doors. I’m ripping the wood off the doors and using it to build my counter top to give it a rustic feel. I wanted to do the whole van in old barn wood, but people are asking way too much for it so I went with something different and plan on staining it to make it look old. My counters will be genuinely old, though.

My stove is going to be a few inches lower than the sink and will have another counter top over it that will fold down when the stove isn’t in use so that I will have extra counter space. I still have to build that part, as well as the entire sink side, but that’s for another day.

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