Building the Cab Door

Building the Cab Door

June 8, 2015 Categories Camper Van

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I honestly didn’t think about what I was gonna work on today until I got up and headed out to the van. Since I didn’t plan ahead the night before like I usually do, I didn’t have all the supplies to do what I wanted to do, which was build the door to the cab. I didn’t feel like working on anything else, so I made a trip to the store to buy a few supplies. I didn’t need much, just some wood paneling, weather stripping, and hinges.

The door to the cab is pretty narrow and barely over 4′ tall. Although I weigh over 210 lbs, the door is wide enough for me to fit through it. Granted, I’m also pretty tall, so my weight is distributed around over a greater area. For someone shorter who weighed anywhere near what I do, they’d have a heck of a time trying to squeeze through that tiny door. It might even be funny to watch.

I built the door using 2x2s to form a rectangle and then covered it with the same wood paneling that I used on my walls. I used the paneling to try to make it blend in as much as possible and not really look like a door. I cut a groove out of all the edges of the backside of the door to fit over some strips of wood I nailed in the door frame. I did this in an attempt to block light from entering/escaping. The inside wall of the cab will be covered in a thin layer of hardboard and then have outdoor carpeting glued on top of that. If light manages to get through, I’ll be impressed (which really means I’ll be disappointed). I haven’t been taking a lot of pics lately and I didn’t even take a picture until the door was built and in place. Whoops.

I stained the door to match the wall and added the hardware. Instead of a door knob, I just used the same kind of handle that’s on my cabinets and a sliding bolt latch to keep it shut.

To help give the door a tight fit, I put a piece of weather stripping down the latch side of the door. It’s really soft. I wish I could sleep on a bed made of this stuff.

The only other thing I did today was install my fire alarm and carbon monoxide detector. Being that the van is such a small space, even a small amount of CO could be a really bad thing. These are just a couple of the safety devices I’m installing. I also have a propane alarm, which will be installed when I trim the bed frames, and I have a fire extinguisher. Being crazy enough to live in a van and travel around doesn’t mean you have to be stupid. Basic safety measures should be included for anyone out there ever planning on doing something like this.

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