Building a Raised Floor

Building a Raised Floor

April 26, 2015 Categories Camper Van

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To add additional storage options, I’m building a raised floor in the rear half of the van. Underneath it will be a large set of drawers, a couple smaller drawers, and a few different storage and utility compartments. In addition to that, beneath each seating area will be more storage.

I built the floor framing as I went, with just a rough idea of what I wanted before hand. I started by building a three-sided box that fits snugly around my large set of drawers (roughly 36″x57″). Once I had the main compartment built, I placed my water tank, batteries, power inverter, and a couple other electrical things in the places I plan on having them. From there, I began building out from the three-sided box and built around the electrical and water tank areas. By doing it that way, I can be assured that I will have enough room for all of the components for each system and use the remaining space for storage.

Before I could finish the floor frame, I needed to start working on the walls. After a quick run to Home Depot to pick up some wire for both AC and DC connections, I got to work. First step was getting the wires in place for my AC outlets. These wires will actually run from the AC fuse panel on the passenger side, through the floor framing, and then out to their perspective spots on the driver’s side. There will also be DC wires for lights, a propane alarm, a water pump, and some other stuff. All of these wires will be hidden in the walls.

Once I had the wires in place, I started cutting sheets of Reflectix and lining the walls of the van. Just like with the floor, the idea is that the Reflectix will help keep heat out in the summer and help keep heat in during colder weather.

With my floor frame built, electrical wires in place, and Reflectix on the walls, I decided to call it a day. Tomorrow’s goal: build an interior wall, line it with fiberglass insulation, and possibly start nailing wood to the wall.

4 thoughts on “Building a Raised Floor”

YJ · May 18, 2018

How do you access the storage? Do you have sliding drawers?
Thanks YJ

Luke · May 20, 2018

Yes, I had drawers in all the areas in the picture that say “drawers.” The other storage areas were accessed using a lid inside of the seating/bed.

Baalzebub · September 1, 2018

by raising the floor you also lower the headroom, you must be short

Luke · September 3, 2018

I’m 6’2″. It was a high top van. I could fully stand up in it, even with the raised floor and a lowered ceiling.

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