Van Construction

Van Construction

You can view individual posts about the construction below or view them all (in reverse order).

For anyone wishing to do a project like this themselves, you might want to check out what not to do.

I haveĀ a list of “maintenance” items not really related to the construction aspect, more to ensure the vehicle is mechanically sound. You can also view them all.

6 thoughts on “Van Construction”

Frank · March 25, 2016

Amazing job!

Jacob · April 14, 2016

Hey! Just found your blog and it’s great! My girlfriend and I just bought a Vw T4 and will start to build it into a camper this weekend. Have read a few of your posts and will finish them all today. Great with all your photos!

Sam · January 3, 2017

Great articles providing readers like me free informations and lessons how to build a camper van from scratch
Thank you very much sir
I love your blog
70 years old from Texas

Stuart H. Sachs · January 3, 2017

Excellent notes. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Bing · April 7, 2017

Amazing !!
How to make shower?

Tim · November 19, 2017

Oh buddy. Just ready your “lessons learned” and couldn’t agree more. For a road warrior-good times vehicle, less is more. I’ve been thinking about going deep on my van that has a simple bed in the back and plastic drawers but I keep coming back to the fact that I usually sleep in a tent with no rain fly looking at the stars. Van sleeping is usually just for Walmart parking lots on long stretches. Fans, electricity, a good cooler with ice, Coleman two-burner: Game over. Thanks for saving me from so much work!

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