The She-Beast: Things to Fix

This is just a list of things I need (or want) to fix on the van. As you can see, some stuff I’ve given less of a priority due to the cost or lack of benefit from fixing it. It’s still stuff I want to do, but only if there’s room left in the budget.

Need to fix/do:

  • Roof leaks, front driver side; door doesn’t seal all the way
  • Complete fluid change (oil, trans, power steering, coolant, brakes, differential)
  • New spark plugs
  • Steering box leak?
  • Only one hazard light flashes (new relay?)
  • Headliner is falling apart
  • Air intake is partially held together with duct tape
  • New tires
  • Washer fluid hose busted
  • Driver side headlight chrome bezel is busted, currently held on with zip tie
  • New rear door lock rod clip
  • Replace grill
  • Front bumper is severely dented
  • Roof has several small screw holes that also need to be filled/sealed
  • Some clips are missing and some screws are wrong
  • Fiberglass fender extension pieces are both busted
  • Washer fluid cap missing
  • Missing spare tire jack and accessories
  • Driver side visor works, but doesn’t stay up all the way; mount is cracked
  • Dome light doesn’t work
  • Stereo is only AM/FM
  • Install backup camera (and sensors?)
  • Possible electrical short. In-dash voltage meter “ticks” as the turn signals flash (this could also be related to the redneck wiring someone did).

Want to fix/do:

  • New coolant overflow tank? Maybe just thoroughly wash out the current one
  • New radiator? Current one is slightly dented, but seems to function fine
  • New hoses?
  • Lower grill body trim is cracked
  • Interior door panels are cracked, armrests look like crap
  • Replace rear bumper (small dents, but no where near as bad as the front)
  • New seats (adding a swivel base to the passenger seat)
  • Passenger side has a lot of dents; “new” doors?
  • Replace cab mat (I “patched” it instead)

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