Hiking, Art, and Music

July 17, 2015 Categories Camper Van, Hiking, Road Trips, Travel, USA

We began today by heading out to a local hike called the Adams Canyon Trail shortly after breakfast. We had a quick drive over to the town of Layton after getting directions to the trailhead, which is located in the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest. The hike started off pretty sandy and gradually progressed more into rock … Continue reading Hiking, Art, and Music

Northern Utah

July 16, 2015 Categories Camper Van, Hiking, Road Trips, Travel, USA

I woke up this morning undecided on the plan for today. The original plan was to just drive down to Grand Teton National Park after doing Yellowstone, but I really didn’t want to have to drive back into Yellowstone to get there, as the South exit for Yellowstone is the primary way to get to … Continue reading Northern Utah

Moki Dugway (Hwy 261), Utah

May 16, 2009 Categories Road Trips, Travel, USA

The Moki Dugway is an unpaved, 3 mile long, steeply graded switchback road that traverses up the side of Cedar Mesa in Utah. It’s part of Highway 261, which is a paved road, however this 3 mile section of road is just gravel. It was built in 1958 by a mining company to transport uranium! … Continue reading Moki Dugway (Hwy 261), Utah