Tiny House: Insulation

May 10, 2017 Categories Tiny House

Whoo! Today the installers finished putting in the closed-cell foam insulation and it looks BADASS! My tiny house actually¬†feels more like a house than a shed! I’m pee-my-pants¬†excited to finally start working on the inside of the house. This is hopefully the only thing about my house that I’ll have to hire someone to install. … Continue reading Tiny House: Insulation

Tiny House: Siding

December 31, 2016 Categories Tiny House

When I first started out, all I knew is that I wanted wood siding. I saw a lot of pictures of people who built beautiful cedar sided tiny homes and I couldn’t help but want one. I think cedar has a very clean, finished look and that appeals to the modern side of me. At … Continue reading Tiny House: Siding

Tiny House: Roofing

November 14, 2016 Categories Tiny House

For my roofing, I went with some basic metal roofing from Home Depot. I ordered everything in a Charcoal Gray because I wanted a nice contrast with the siding. Being that this is the first time I’ve ever installed a metal roof, I wasn’t fully sure of what all I needed. Some of the original … Continue reading Tiny House: Roofing

Tiny House: Sheathing and Windows

November 3, 2016 Categories Tiny House

I did all the wall sheathing by myself and I will flat out admit that it was not the most pleasant experience. As it turns out, it’s somewhat of a challenge trying to hold a 4x8ft sheet of plywood up, verify it’s level, and nail it in place without any assistance. I’ll also admit that … Continue reading Tiny House: Sheathing and Windows

Tiny House: Building the Frame

November 2, 2016 Categories Tiny House

OK, so I’ve FINALLY started building my tiny house. I began piling up supplies near the end of August and placed the orders for my windows and door at the beginning of September. After waiting six weeks for my windows and door to be built and delivered, I finally had the last pieces I needed … Continue reading Tiny House: Building the Frame

My Tiny House Trailer

November 14, 2015 Categories Tiny House

It’s been a little over a month and a half since since I decided to build a tiny house. During that time I have basically accomplished nothing – I’m talented like that. What have I been doing? Waiting, mostly. You may remember I bought an old, used trailer shortly after (read: “the day that”) I … Continue reading My Tiny House Trailer

I’m Building a Tiny House

September 27, 2015 Categories Tiny House

I’ve been back in Wisconsin for two weeks now not fully sure on what crazy idea to do next. I spent most of that time looking for a new vehicle, and now that I have one I’ve turned my mind towards other things. Specifically, as you may have guessed from the title of this post, … Continue reading I’m Building a Tiny House