DIY Ultra Paracord Bracelet

January 12, 2015 Categories Paracord

I’ve had a few people asking me how I made my paracord bracelet, which I have 22 unique items crammed into, so I decided to make a new one and break down all the details. Here’s a quick view of everything we’re going to put into this thing: The full list of components: NOTE: This … Continue reading DIY Ultra Paracord Bracelet

What is a Ranger Band?

Categories Paracord

No, a ranger band is not a group of park service employees with musical instruments. A ranger band is simply an old bicycle tire that has been cut into strips. You can cut the strips at various lengths depending on what you’re using them for, whether that be three inches of tubing or maybe just … Continue reading What is a Ranger Band?

The Cobra Weave

January 11, 2015 Categories Paracord

The Cobra weave is one of the most common types of weaves used to make paracord bracelets (also known as “survival” bracelets). This is a simple guide to show you how it’s done.