Hello, stranger. My name is Luke. This site is about the random things I do with my life.

I love a good adventure, traveling, road trips, hiking, camping, photography, reading, building things, and not knowing what tomorrow will bring. I do programming for a living, but you’re probably a bigger nerd than me.

I spent a short time in March 2015 hiking part of the Appalachian Trail. After that, I built a custom camper van and spent the summer driving around the country, mostly out West, visiting National Parks and doing a lot of hiking. I also finally drove Route 66.

My next crazy idea is to build a tiny house and start living an off-grid lifestyle.


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Fun Facts:

  • I’ve never broken a bone (pretty sure I have super powers).
  • I have a few things I want to do in my lifetime.
  • People often describe me as “different.”
  • I have been to every state except Alaska.
  • I can talk for over two hours about all the amazing things Wisconsin and its people have invented or had significant impact on.
  • I love pizza. A lot.
  • I enjoy road trips, travel, camping, hiking, or anything creative.
  • I like to build/fix things and do random projects.
  • I draw sometimes, but it’s quite rare.