Tiny House: The Move

Tiny House: The Move

October 3, 2018 Categories Tiny House

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It’s been a little over three years since I randomly decided to build a tiny house and about two years since I started constructing it. For the most part, it has been finished since last year. It took me roughly 70 full days to build the entire thing, but those 70 days were spread out over a long time because I only worked on it during the weekends. Now, it has finally been moved out to where it’ll stay. It sat where it was for so long it’s almost weird to not see it there anymore, but it sure was exciting to see it being towed. Here is a video of it leaving the backyard that it’s been parked in for years.

I was driving ahead of the truck that was towing it, so I couldn’t help but look in the mirrors frequently and watch it being towed. It was beautiful. When we reached the land, the tow guy said it pulled excellently which was a bit of relief. A lot of thought went into the design that no one but me probably even notices. Things like weight distribution, the angle of the roof, why the door is on the side of the trailer that it’s on, the bolt placement that holds the tiny house to the trailer – all of it was built with the towing process in mind. It’s nice to know all that thought was worth it.

Here’s some pics. It’s out in the woods and walking out the front door leads to a view of my fire pit.

Getting to this point has been an adventure. I’ve spent the past couple months working on the land and I finally felt like it was ready for the tiny house to get moved there. I contacted a local RV company and asked if they could move it for me, since my truck is not big enough to pull it. They said they could come out the following week. I headed out to the land to make sure I didn’t forget anything and do some final checks in preparation for the move.

On the entrance road to the land, I noticed some smaller trees had fallen somewhat onto the path of the road. Without thinking too much of it, I got out and pushed the trees off the road and continued on my way. As soon as I pulled into the driveway, my heart sank. Right there – in the exact spot I had been planning to put the tiny house – lay a massive pine tree. I looked around and noticed some other trees and branches knocked down. Apparently some of the recent storms had done more damage than I thought they would have. And there I was without my chainsaw, one of the few times I didn’t have it with me. I immediately got back in the truck and drove the 45 minutes back to grab my saw and a backup saw and headed back out to the land. I decided I wasn’t going to take any chances and would remove a total of seven additional trees that suddenly seemed too risky to have anywhere near the tiny house parking spot.

After cleaning up the trees that had fallen on their own, I only managed to fell three additional trees and get them cut up and all the brush removed. The rest would have to wait until the next weekend, which also was the day of the move. Needless to say, I was a little eager for that week to go by. I headed out early the day of the move and was able to fell the additional four trees and get them completely cleaned up. “Luckily” for me the trees I took down were on the opposite side of the property from where I stack my logs and brush, so it was a good workout.

With the tiny house out at the land, I feel like this project is finally done. I want to build a porch for it, but that probably won’t happen until next year. I’m going to try to enjoy as many of the fall days as possible out at the land before it gets too cold to really do anything. If only this damn rain would stop!

5 thoughts on “Tiny House: The Move”

Scott · October 3, 2018

👍 👍

Helen · October 4, 2018

Congratulations! Will you live here all the time now? Soon? Eventually? Whatever, may you enoy the fruit of your labours for years to come!

Luke · October 4, 2018

I will not be living in it full-time at this point. I’m sure I could, but I work 1.5 hours away from where the land is located and I do not want to drive that each day. It’s basically where I will live on a lot of weekends, as I have been doing for a couple years now.

jim & judy Droster · October 4, 2018

IT looks great on your land it was a treat to see it going out the driveway and past our house .You worked so hard and your dreams have been answered .Enjoy your new get away you truly deserve it.

Aletta · October 4, 2018

CONGRATULATIONS! It has been fun to follow your journey as you built your tiny house and resolved all the problems that arise as one takes up this type of challenge! Thank you for sharing this process and hope you enjoy the fruits of all that labor! Best wishes – Aletta

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