Zion National Park, Utah (Part 2)

Zion National Park, Utah (Part 2)

July 30, 2015 Categories Camper Van, Hiking, Road Trips, Travel, USA

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Miles driven: 128.5
Miles hiked: 4.85

I spent the day yesterday working a random asphalt job nearby. I have an entirely new outlook towards road construction. It is some hardcore, back-breaking work which my “pampered” lifestyle has not accustomed me to, especially in 100° or more. The people who do that stuff for a living should be paid more. And I don’t mean the employers, I mean the actual laborers. If you ever have a chance to talk to anyone working on a road crew, tell them thanks. We drive on roads and parking lots every day and the amount of work that goes into it is purely amazing.

Today I went back to Zion. I was honestly pretty sore from yesterday and barely hiked at all. I wasn’t that concerned with taking pictures, either; I just wanted to be in the moment.

The first hike I did is called the Watchman Trail, a 2.7 mile hike up to an overlook that gives views of lower Zion Canyon and the Towers of the Virgin. The trail starts out walking along the Virgin River. I don’t think the trail is as popular as others, as there weren’t many people along the way. It was a very tranquil walk along the river. I stopped and sat for awhile on the way back just listening to the water flowing.

On the way up, I caught the sun shimmering over a ridge line. This was one of the only photographs I took today, as it was too beautiful not to share.

At the end of the Watchman Trail, there’s a short loop trail that doesn’t seem to be documented in the park guide. I talked to the ranger at the information center and she wasn’t sure on the exact mileage, but agreed it was at least 0.4 miles. Granted, I walked the whole thing before I knew anything about it. You can’t go anywhere new by walking the path you already know. Oh, and I did think this tree root looked interesting.

After I finished the Watchman Trail, I headed over to the Pa’rus Trail. Both trails are accessible from the visitor center. The trail is actually a bike path that follows the Virgin River up to Canyon Junction, about 1.75 miles away. I only walked the trail one-way and ended up taking the shuttle back. It’s not a very interesting trail and is directly in the sun the entire time. I didn’t take a single picture along the way.

The temperatures in the van have been soaring in this heat. Yesterday when I looked, it was 108° F in there (100° outside); the max temperature in the van has been 112° F. The biggest downside of the increased heat is the fridge consumes more electricity to keep things cool. Since I haven’t been driving a lot lately, the batteries are relying entirely on solar power to charge and the fridge has been using all of that power by itself. At 6am this morning, the batteries were too low to power the inverter any longer and I had to shut it all down to give the batteries a chance to charge back up. Luckily, I don’t keep much in the fridge and was able to throw everything in the cooler. Without the fridge running, the batteries had a completely full charge from the solar panel by noon today when I got done hiking.

I also rigged up my fan to run directly off of DC power so that I can still use it when I shut the inverter off. That fan is my lifeblood at the moment and is the only thing that makes the van remotely bearable to sleep in. I’m gonna monitor the voltage tonight to see how much only running the fan and the lights uses up. Tomorrow night I’m gonna kick the inverter back on with nothing plugged in and test how much power it uses up to determine if it’s worth leaving on or not. Other than the fridge, I only use the AC power to plug in my laptop on occasion. Typically I charge it up while connected to the internet at McD’s or Starbucks, but an outlet isn’t always available.

Tomorrow will be the last day of the first month of living in the van. I’m fairly excited about it, to tell the truth. It’s insanely refreshing to know that “home” is wherever I want it to be.

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