Yellowstone National Park (Part 1)

Yellowstone National Park (Part 1)

July 9, 2015 Categories Camper Van, Road Trips, Travel, USA

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We started pretty slow today, taking the morning to catch up on some Interneting and then headed over to a Pilot Travel Plaza to enjoy a real shower. It was around 1pm by the time we actually headed out. Around 5pm, we decided to make a pit stop in a random town and do our laundry. Excitement!

Yellowstone isn’t that far of a drive from Great Falls, Montana, where we stayed last night. Even starting as late as we did and stopping to do laundry, we still made it here right before 8pm. We had enough time to check out Mammoth Hot Springs and take some pics before camping for the night. The hot springs are like a whole other world; they’re just so different and interesting. This is my first time seeing anything like it.

We passed Yankee Jim Canyon (aka the Yellowstone River) on the way into the park and I got a little excited because of the history I’ve read about Yellowstone and how it all relates to Forrest Fenn’s riddle. Of course, I only speculate that he’s making a reference to Yankee Jim Canyon. The only way to know for sure is by finding his gold. Granted, I won’t be looking anywhere near the river as my first guess.

Today was the first time someone complained about us “free camping” so, to avoid any extra hassle, we’re camped out in a residential area parked with a ton of other cars on the side of the street.

2 thoughts on “Yellowstone National Park (Part 1)”

Ronnieisawesome · April 15, 2017

Hey! We are heading out to Yellowstone next month and renting a camper van smaller than yours. Do you have any suggestions for “free camping”? My partner and I are starting to get excited for the trip and would rather use funds for better things than a parking spot….

Luke · April 15, 2017

When I was in that area, it felt like they didn’t particularly like people “free camping,” but I did it anyway. I had stayed up in Gardiner (North end of the park) and literally just parked on the street in town. There were a ton of other cars parked on the street. I stayed mostly out in West Yellowstone, a town on the West side of the park – if you didn’t already guess that. Again, I was just parking on the street. I parked next to motels and RV parks in different spots each night, trying to blend in more, but always parked on the street.

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