Water Pump / Battery Box

Water Pump / Battery Box

May 3, 2015 Categories Camper Van

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I finished plumbing up the water pump this morning. I ran the PEX tubing into the housing where the pump and everything will be hidden beneath the floor and got all my connectors in place. In the event something breaks, all the pipes in this area can easily disconnect so that things can be inspected, serviced, or replaced.

There’s three different parts that make up the pump system:

  1. The filter. This is the first stage water from the tank will go through, filtering out any debris that may have entered the tank. This isn’t the type of filter to purify water, it simply removes anything that would be big enough to damage the pump.
  2. The pump. Obviously this is what sucks the water out from the tank and pumps it into the plumbing system. I bought a SHURflo pump that can push 3.0 gallons per minute at 55 PSI. It’s also designed so that it can run dry without causing damage to the pump, though I don’t intend on testing this feature.
  3. The accumulator. The job of the accumulator is to reduce the pump cycling (keep the pump from repeatedly turning on/off when running water) and smooth out “pulses” at the faucet, giving you a steady stream of water.

I also ran electrical wires from the pump area up to where I’m gonna have a switch near the sink and then ran them down to the electrical area with everything else. I had to run extra wire to the switch because I plan on using a three pole switch so I can have a light on it to easily indicate when the pump is being powered. This way if I forget to turn the pump off, I’ll have a constantly glowing reminder to let me know.

I installed a little frame piece to box off the electrical compartment. This will be a support for the top of the battery box. Of course, I made sure everything was square before screwing it into place.

Next up was getting the battery box made. It’s just a box made of plywood to house the batteries and keep them from sliding around during travel. I built the box right into my seating frame and the batteries will be strapped down and bolted to the floor to prevent them from becoming acid filled bricks of death during an accident. I still have to drill a fresh air intake through the floor and create an exhaust port to allow any hydrogen gas that gets generated to escape.

I ended the day by adding some 1/4″ OSB to the sides of my frame to start giving a more defined look to my storage compartments. The entire storage area will be wrapped in thin carpeting later on. The pump area and the storage compartment next to it will have removable lids to reveal the storage underneath and because of the lid, it’ll allow me to stack more stuff on top of it.

Once I have the entire seating area built, I’ll probably add some removable dividers to create expandable compartments instead of having one large, undivided compartment.

4 thoughts on “Water Pump / Battery Box”

Garth · May 8, 2015

Ha ha… good idea on the exhaust port. Explosions are bad.

Luke · May 9, 2015

Yes, explosions are quite bad. Especially since I’ll be sleeping on top of the area that could explode.

Sean · September 26, 2016

For info, hydrogen gas rises as it is less dense than air. A vent in the floor is better than nothing but a vent in the side wall at the top of the battery compartment would be ideal.

Luke · September 26, 2016

Yep, that’s exactly what I did. The floor vent is for air intake; any/all battery gases were vented out the top of the battery box.

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