I Love Truck Stops

August 24, 2015 Categories Camper Van, Road Trips, Travel, USA

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Miles driven: 177.8

Today was Szilvia’s day. We began the morning still in Los Angeles and headed out to Long Beach. Personally, I think a beach is a beach; not much differs between one or another, but Szilvia likes them and wants to see as many as possible and swim in the water, so that’s where we went. There weren’t many people there (it was early) and we didn’t stay long. There was a lot of trash everywhere; all over the pier, as well as the beach itself. It’s sad, really, how people treat it without any regard and just leave garbage everywhere.

From there we headed up to Mulholland Drive to attempt to get a look over Los Angeles. I wasn’t very interested in it and think it’s probably something that only looks nice at night. Then we headed over to UCLA because Szilvia enjoys looking at architecture and wanted to see the campus. I stayed in the van and read a little because I’m not interested in what any university campus looks like… unless it’s sprawling with half nude models or something.

Then we headed up Route 1 to Malibu and hit up two more beaches. First was Zuma Beach, which was basically the same as Long Beach in appearance; sand and water. Afterwards, we stopped at the El Matador State Park beach, and I’ll admit, this was probably the only thing I thought was interesting all day. It’s not your ordinary beach. Sure, it has sand and water, but you also have to climb down a couple staircases to get there and then there’s massive rocks jutting up out of the water and cliffs all along the backside with waves crashing in. Quite beautiful, but I didn’t take any pics.

We decided to stop at a Pilot Travel Center not too far North of Los Angeles so we could take a shower and camp out for the night. Although they have signs that say there’s only two hour parking, we talked to the people inside and they said it was cool if we camp out for the night as long as we were off to the side of the building. Frankly, I love truck stops because of stuff like that – they understand travelers. When businesses are willing to do something as simple as just let us (or other people) park there overnight, I’m more willing to spend more money there to help out said business. All-in-all, we spent about $116 there, specifically because of how nice they were (I even forgot my shampoo and soap in the shower, and the cleaners saw me and brought it back). Comparatively, I didn’t spend any money in San Diego because of how big of jackasses they were about overnight parking and I only spent money on gas in Los Angeles because they were bastards about parking, too. Maybe it’s just a Southern California thing.

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