Hiking, Art, and Music

Hiking, Art, and Music

July 17, 2015 Categories Camper Van, Hiking, Road Trips, Travel, USA

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We began today by heading out to a local hike called the Adams Canyon Trail shortly after breakfast. We had a quick drive over to the town of Layton after getting directions to the trailhead, which is located in the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest. The hike started off pretty sandy and gradually progressed more into rock as we got further up the mountain. Although it was described as fairly steep, I didn’t think it was that difficult of a climb. We were also told it would take a few hours, but we reached the waterfall at the end within an hour. Granted, I may have been a little amped and didn’t stop the entire way up. The waterfall was pretty cool, both to look at and to the touch. Off to the right was a small, rocky area that I climbed up to enjoy the view more. To the left was a much taller rock area that looked pretty steep, but some guy climbed up to the top. I was not inclined to follow.

After the hike we took a couple hours to walk around some stores and then found a Flying J truck stop to shower at before meeting up with Carolyn and her friends to head into Salt Lake City. There was a small art showing for a local artist that was being held by some of Carolyn’s friends. And by small, I mean it was a tent. And by tent, I mean a canopy. Most of his work was African safari type stuff; elephants, a giraffe, all that. There were a couple abstract pieces, also. We didn’t stay there long, maybe 15 minutes at most.

From there, we headed to a nearby town called Draper to attend a music event that was part of their Draper Days celebration. It was packed and looked like it was part flea market and part fairground. We settled in at the far side, away from the majority of people and spent the evening talking about nonsense. My stubbornness was pointed out a couple of times in the difficulty of answering a simple question, like “what did you want to be when you were younger?” Apparently “nothing” was not a normal response, but that’s seriously how I’ve always felt. I’ve never wanted to be just one thing. I’d be just as happy building furniture as I would doing electrical or programming computers. As long as I can find creativity in what I do, that’s all I need. So much of what happens in my head is difficult for me to explain. As someone once told me several years ago, I am a contradiction. If I like something, then I probably also like its opposite, but expect to find both in one thing… which is almost impossible, except when dealing with people and even then it’s quite rare. Now I’m rambling.

It was a pretty good day. I enjoyed getting to do what I felt was a real hike for the first time in this trip and spending the evening with interesting people.

Oh, and I may have gotten bored and wrote something in the dirt on the back of the van…

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