Glacier National Park, Montana (Part 3)

Glacier National Park, Montana (Part 3)

July 8, 2015 Categories Camper Van, Road Trips, Travel, USA

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It was chilly this morning at Logan Pass and it felt great. We spent the morning getting ready and restocking some of our water supply. Around 11am, we headed up the Hidden Lake Overlook Trail, located directly behind the visitor center. It’s a well maintained trail made up of wooden plank walkways and some gravel paths here and there.

The Hidden Lake Overlook Trail is half of the entire trail to get down to Hidden Lake in Glacier National Park. Due to heavy bear activity, the second half of the trail was closed and we were not able to walk down to the lake. The first half is a 1.6 mile well-maintained pathway made up of a combination of wooden walkways and gravel covered ground. There is about a 460 ft gain in elevation throughout the hike.

It was only about a 1.6 mile hike, one way. There’s a second half to the hike that goes down to the lake, but it was closed due to high bear activity so we weren’t able to do it.

We started to drive back around to the East side of the park and were gonna do some more hikes, but almost every pull-out was closed due to road construction in the park. Since we weren’t able to park anywhere, we decided to head out and start the next adventure.

It was a pain leaving the park, as I mistakenly took Hwy 89 the entire way to Browning and part of the road just stopped existing. I’ve never seen a road construction crew that just ripped up the entire old road before putting in a new one. They also ripped up a road’s width of land on each side of the road, so they must be doing something more than just repairing the road.

We stopped for the night in Great Falls and camped out at Walmart. Tomorrow is shower day, followed mostly by driving, as we’re headed out towards Yellowstone National Park to go on a treasure hunt looking for Forrest Fenn’s gold.

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