Finishing the Trim

Finishing the Trim

June 18, 2015 Categories Camper Van

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I started a little later than usual today and I ended early to go watch my cousin’s two kids, but I still managed to get the trim work around the side doors done. I really, really wanna build interior doors for the side doors, but because of where I have the fuse box and charge controller located, I’m not sure how I would be able to. If I had made it so they were about 4 inches to the right, it wouldn’t even be an issue. And no, I can’t just move them over. For now, I’m gonna have to learn to live with it as it is, but I can promise you that eventually there will be doors added. Whenever I do add doors, I’m gonna have it so the top half of the doors can fold down to provide additional counter space and a screen would remain in place on the top half.

Anywho, I cut the final piece of paneling that goes above the side doors and set it in place. Then I cut the board for the bottom of it that wraps the wall into the frame of the van. The bottom piece took me a few minutes to make because there were a couple parts I had to reduce the width of the board to 1/4″ and notch out around where the door catch is. Once everything was cut and seemed to fit right, I nailed it in place and stained it to match. I like how it came out.

Next I got to work on building out the framing around the vent. These two little pieces were quite tricky, as the bottoms are thicker than the tops and the side against the wall is cut at two different angles.

Then came the rest of the pieces, which were just as much of a pain; particularly the piece that sits next to the side door. Cutting that piece to match the curve of the wall and then add the angle cuts to line up perfectly with the opposite side took me awhile. You might notice it stops part way down the door and that’s because the couch backrest extends up to that point and will cover the rest. I tried keeping the entire vent cover as close to the wall as possible to maintain a low profile and not be too obstructive. The boards come out just enough to barely cover the pipe and that’s it.

With the frame done, it was time to add the paneling over top of it. I started with the section that the dimmer switch gets mounted in and worked out from there. The dimmer switch controls my main cabin lights and is something I’m really glad I got. I had originally bought a very basic dimmer knob but then I came across a really cool, touch screen dimmer panel and they had one in black, to better match my interior and personal design preference. It’s pretty neat and even remembers the settings you had the lights at if you turn it on and off.

I’m gonna try to find a thermometer or something for the top section to help take away the focus of it jutting out of the wall. It’s a 5″x13″ space and just looks out of place as is.

Oh, and my solar panel did really well today. I left the van in its normal spot, which is fairly shaded, and it was still able to average around 50W. It generated enough power that the batteries maintained around 12.3 volts the entire day, and that’s with a fan on and music playing, plus the fridge running and microwave plugged in.

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