Finishing the Rear Wall

Finishing the Rear Wall

June 10, 2015 Categories Camper Van

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Last night I went to Home Depot looking for some supplies to finish off the rear wall today. While wandering around looking for some cork, which it turns out the store near me doesn’t sell, I walked by the peg board and decided it might be a cool idea to panel the exterior side of the rear wall with it to add additional storage. So I bought some. And it turned out awesome.

I started this morning by closing off the water tank. It’s gonna suck if I ever need to change that tank out, but I’ll worry about that when and if the time ever comes.

Then I added some strips of wood to attach the peg board to so that the peg board has a nice gap behind it to allow the pegs to fit through.

I cut my peg board to size and coated it with a layer of flat black paint. White is boring. Once it was “dry enough”, I attached it to the wall.

While at Home Depot, I bought a ton of different hooks and baskets for the peg board. I’m not fully sure what all I’m gonna attach to it yet, but I wanted a variety of attachment methods. I put a bunch on the peg board just messing around, but it is by no means what it’ll actually look like when I start using it.

To clean up the look of the wall, I built a “base board” with a flap that folds up to reveal the three drawers hidden behind it. I added a sliding bolt latch to keep the flap shut. The drawers currently hold the tools I commonly use while working on the van. It’s a nice little storage system and I’m glad I decided to buy them (Craigslist find). In case you didn’t see when I bought them, the drawers are 57″ long and each drawer is a foot wide, so they offer a TON of storage.

With the doors closed, there’s almost an entire hand’s length of space to hang things off the peg board. I went ahead and hung up my broom and power cord to feel like my peg board purchase was justified.

To close up the window, I cut some 2x2s to length and notched out one edge to create a recessed lip where my weather stripping will sit. The 2x2s stick out into the window opening about 3/4″ so my window “shutter” has something to rest against and they double as a method to keep light from shinning through.

Then I built the “shutter”. It’s built the exact same way as all of my cabinet doors are, except it’s much larger and sits flush with the frame instead of overlapping 1/2″ on top of it. Once the “shutter” was built, I stained it, added the hardware, and put some weather stripping around the frame opening. The two bottom corners have both a hook with a spring-loaded catch and a sliding bolt latch to keep it shut. The hooks are for keeping it open and I chose the spring-loaded catch version so that when I’m driving, the hooks don’t just bounce out of the eyes and let the “shutter” slam shut.

I finished up the exterior trim work on the top half of the wall and stained it to match. Then I took a couple pics with the “shutter” open and closed.

The last thing I did was build a small frame and attach some window screen to it. It sits behind the “shutter” so that it’ll keep bugs out, but light and the breeze can come through on days nice enough to park and open up the rear doors.

I plan on attaching some cork to the inside of the “shutter” to turn it into a cork board. I think it’ll be a nice place to pin up pictures or postcards from my travels and maybe a map. They don’t sell cork at the local Home Depot, so I’ll have to check out stores nearby and if I can’t find any, I’ll just keep looking as I travel and finish the cork board “eventually.”

I’m pretty happy with today’s progress. I knocked two things off of the “To Do” list and only have nine more to complete before I’m officially done.

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