Day 8: Zero

March 24, 2015 Categories Appalachian Trail, Backpacking, Hiking

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I didn’t hike today. In hiker lingo, I took a zero day. My left knee was bothering me a lot this morning and it was painful walking up and down the three flights of stairs at the hotel to do laundry. It has swollen and feels warm to the touch (like, it has noticeably more heat coming from it than my other knee) and kinda spongy when I push on the knee cap.

Before I left town, I bought a knee brace and some ibuprofen but they don’t seem to be doing much. Funnily enough, it was difficult finding a knee brace in the small hiker town and I had to walk quite a bit to find a store with one available. The Rite-Aid had everything except knee braces and the pharmacy/first aid area at the grocery store didn’t have any braces that I noticed. I ended up finding plenty to choose from at a small medical supply store that seemed to cater to senior citizens.

The group I was with yesterday is already back on the trail, though they said they were only gonna do a couple miles to the nearest camp. Some of the people I saw at shelters days ago have caught up to me here but most of the people are all new to me.

Anyone know why a knee would feel warmer than usual? Or what would make it spongy?

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Lee · March 25, 2015

Don’t remember what causes the knee swelling, but I’m pretty sure the treatment was elevating the knee while lying down and applying cold packs all day(to reduce swelling),Ibuprofen, intermittently switching to a heat pad maybe to get more blood flow. U.L.

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