Day 3: Hawk Mountain to Gooch Mountain

Day 3: Hawk Mountain to Gooch Mountain

March 19, 2015 Categories Appalachian Trail, Backpacking, Hiking

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Miles hiked: 7.7

Today was wet. And cold. And miserable. I only took one picture today and that was from inside the shelter.  I’m sitting here now in thick socks, long underwear, a jacket, a hat, and I’m inside my sleeping bag and it’s still a little cold out. Most of what motivated me today was anger.

I started this morning at 8:15am, after packing up all my gear in the rain. It started raining around 2am, I think, as that’s when I first heard drops on the tent. It rained all damn day.

The first three hours were tough climbs in the rain, though I heard they were tough even when dry. I thought I was making really good mileage until around 11am when I saw a sign that indicated I wasn’t even halfway through today’s goal. This was a huge downer.

My feet were killing me and I was so pissed off about the mileage that I just started going as fast as I could, ignoring how much my feet didn’t want to walk anymore. I didn’t even stop to eat today, I was too angry and just wanted the day to be done.

There were six people already at the shelter when I arrived around 1:15pm. I immediately claimed a spot before they were all gone, because I did not at all feel like setting up my tent today. After claiming my spot, I sat down and ate to stop my stomach from screaming at me.

I’m not happy. The slightest touch on my right big toe feels like someone is smashing it with a hammer. My left foot hurts like there’s two thorns stabbing the ball of it. It’s 12 miles to the next shelter and I don’t at all feel like walking it in the boots I have.

The only nice part of the day is sitting around with everyone else at the shelters and listening to people complain about the same things. “I’m cold, I’m hungry, my feet hurt.” Yep, I feel ya.

I want a pizza. A large one. And I want to eat it all (if you can’t tell, I’m still hungry).

3 thoughts on “Day 3: Hawk Mountain to Gooch Mountain”

Garth · March 19, 2015

Hang in there Luke. Maybe someone out there could send a drone with a pizza to you. But seriously, it’s great to be following your adventure. Keep it up. My wife and I are cheering for you.

chaotonic · March 19, 2015

Well that’s 7.7 miles down at least! Only a ba-jillion more to go!

Joy · March 20, 2015

Can’t help but laugh knowing I would have been bitching too yet still wishing I was on the hike

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