Capitol Reef National Park, Utah

Capitol Reef National Park, Utah

July 25, 2015 Categories Camper Van, Hiking, Road Trips, Travel, USA

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Miles driven: 31.5
Miles hiked: 9.2+

Today I did Capitol Reef, sticking to Hwy 24 that goes through the entire park. Off of 24, there’s a road that goes down part way through the park but it’s focused more on historical stuff that I’m honestly not that interested in. There’s a blacksmith shop, some old school buildings, the campground, and some other stuff down that way. There’s a couple other spots in the park to check out some Petroglyphs and an old stone building, but again, it just doesn’t interest me. I was there to view the natural beauty created by time, not some crap created by humans.

I started the day early and headed into the Grand Wash Trail before 8am. It’s a 2.2 mile trail, one-way, that follows a dried up river bed through the canyons. The trail is fairly wide almost the entire way, with the exception of an area near the center called The Narrows where it gets significantly more narrow (in case you didn’t guess that by its name). It was a very shaded hike with almost no incline at all.

At the end of the Wash, there’s a parking area and an information sign for the connecting trails. I was only planning on doing the Wash, but after reading that the Cassidy Arch was only 950 feet up and another 3 miles, round-trip, I decided it would be worth it to beat my feet a little longer. The arch is named after the infamous train robber Butch Cassidy, who supposedly had a hideout in the Grand Wash.

There were a couple of people rappelling down into the cavity behind the arch. They said they were rappelling all the way down into the canyon and there were several spots to keep going down, eventually making it back towards the parking lot that I initially hiked to through the Wash. Seemed like a much easier way to get down, if you ask me. I, unfortunately, hiked all the way back down and out like a sucker.

I was pretty tired after hiking the 7.4 miles for both of the trails, but it was only 11am and thought I’d check out at least one more thing so I headed up to the Hickman Natural Bridge. It’s only a 1.8 mile hike, round-trip. I don’t actually know why they decided to call it a natural bridge when it’s just another arch. Either way, I think arches are cool and it was worth the hike. There was an interesting field of black rocks for a good portion of the initial hike. There was also another, unmarked arch early on in the trail. I thought it looked awesome (so awesome, its the featured image at the top of this post).

I ended the day by 2pm, going back to the same place I camped out at last night. There was no cellphone reception anywhere near the park and no towns nearby that have more than a gas station or small restaurant, so I wasn’t able to Internet that afternoon. This also meant no cheeseburgers. I settled for a couple tuna sandwiches and some chips. I didn’t even write, it was just too hot and I didn’t want to do much.

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