Building the Rear Wall

Building the Rear Wall

June 6, 2015 Categories Camper Van

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I spent this morning cutting plywood for the inside of the second bed. Once I had the plywood cut and installed, I carpeted the entire thing. I don’t plan on making any secret compartments in this one, as the only part that is recessed is too shallow to be useful on its own. It should make for a decent storage area as is.

Then I got to work on the rear wall. I’m building a half wall in front of the rear doors and then I’m gonna add window screen to the top half so that on nice days I can open the rear doors to let light and the breeze in, but keep bugs out. I’m also gonna build removable “shutters” to cover up the screen in case I don’t want people to see in through the rear door windows, like at night. First thing I did was frame up the bottom half.

Then I added wood paneling to the frame. I’m only focusing on how the interior side of the wall looks right now, but will be covering the exterior side of the wall later on.

I added some trim along the top to make it even with the ledges formed at the point the walls change angles. It not only makes it look nicer, but makes it a heck of a lot easier to do the next step.

The hardest part of building the rear wall was cutting the side pieces to sit flush with the walls, but create 90° angles for the window corners. On top of these pieces being cut to match the contour of the wall, they’re also tipped in at a 10° angle to match the slope of the van.

To finish the wall, I cut a board to run along the top of the window and then added corner trim to give it a sharp appearance. I still have to stain it all, but that won’t take very long.

Since I was already messing with corner trim, the last thing I did today was add trim along the ceiling corners. I bought all this stuff awhile ago and just never got to it. I’ll stain it tomorrow when I stain the wall.

I’m still debating on how I want to build the shutter(s). It’d be nice to have it tip down and lay flat, so it could function as a table, but then if you wanted to lay down with the window open, the shutter would be in the way. I’d like to do four panels that are hinged together in sets of two but I’m worried about creating too many seams that light can escape through in case I’m trying to stealth camp and don’t want people to know I’m in there. I’ll probably just make it one, large shutter that folds up so I have something else to bump my head on.

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