Building the Bed Frame (Part 3)

Building the Bed Frame (Part 3)

May 6, 2015 Categories Camper Van

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This is part three of building my bed frame; you may be interested in part one and part two.

Today was aggravating. I spent the morning redoing what I did yesterday. I had to take apart the entire top of the bed and essentially rebuild it. Of course, after doing that I decided to change where I was gonna have the hinges located and I ended up taking most of it apart again to shorten it. So, after rebuilding the top and then rebuilding it again right after, I was finally satisfied enough to attach it to the bed. I used pretty small hinges on the lid… maybe too small. It takes three of them to be able to hold up 20 pounds, so just to be safe I used six of them. I also added another support beam to attach the lid to. I think it came out pretty nice. I was thinking about getting some tension supports to hold the lid open, but I probably won’t.

I covered the battery box and electrical area with some plywood to finish most of the storage compartment. All that’s left to do is the wall facing the cab.

For the armrest I plan on adding towards the rear of the bed, I’m gonna have a popup outlet installed in it. The outlet is essentially a power strip that raises vertically and only has three plugins, but it needs a regular outlet to plug into. So, I had to install an outlet at the rear of the bed inside the storage compartment. Since I already started building the bed and all my electrical is run under the floor, it was a pain to get the electrical wires hooked up. Every outlet in the van is going to be a GFCI protected. In case a leak forms somewhere and water gets near an outlet, I want to be protected from as much damage as possible.

I’m planning on adding a small door in front of the outlet area to protect it from anything inside the storage area from sliding into it and knocking cords out.

I started on the backrest for the bed / couch, too. It was quite the mental challenge trying to think about how to construct it since there’s three different angles to have to think about: 1) the angle of the backrest, 2) the angle of the wall sloping in towards the ceiling, and 3) the angle of the wall sloping in towards the rear of the vehicle. After a lot of delay and dilly-dallying, I finally got started on it. However, after getting just a few boards cut, I ran out of lumber. I took what little I had to form the general shape of the backrest.

Towards the front of the van, it will need added supports along the wall to keep it positioned evenly with the rear of the van, where the backrest completely rests against the wall. It covers the plumbing area nicely and still allows me to access everything if I need to.

I’m happy with how everything is coming together, but feel like I didn’t get that much done today since I repeated yesterday’s work. I was also frustrated and my mind doesn’t work as clearly when I’m like that. I might take tomorrow off from working on the construction aspect and take the van to the shop to get some maintenance items taken care of.

2 thoughts on “Building the Bed Frame (Part 3)”

Garth · May 8, 2015

Have you thought about piano hinges? They are incredibly strong, they’re compact, and you could probably get away with only two of them. There are also strip hinges that come in 3ft sections, maybe even longer, that would provide for great strength, low profile, and perfect hinge alignment. To keep it propped up, you could use piano bench hinges. Anyway… Looks awesome, Luke.

Luke · May 9, 2015

Piano bench hinges… Now that’s a cheap and easy prop-top solution. I might look into that more if I can find some that don’t have a brass finish. I’m more of a brushed nickel kind of guy.

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