Pu’u Pia, Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii

Pu’u Pia, Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii

July 22, 2014 Categories Hiking, Trails, Travel, USA

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The Pu’u Pia Trail is a very secluded, easy hike without a lot of other people. This hike can be used as a romantic getaway, a picnic, or a refreshing escape.

The trail head is actually the same path for two different hikes: the Pu’u Pia Trail and the Kolowalu Trail. About 5 minutes in, the trail divides. The Pu’u Pia Trail is the path to the left, the Kolowalu Trail goes off to the right.

The trail has a pretty mellow rise with a lot of areas heavy in roots and a few rocks. It has a “U” shaped path with the bend of the “U” being the steepest of the inclined areas. After the bend, you will be on the top of hills and able to look out over the city. There are a few hills you can climb over, one of which even has a bench you can sit on. The pictures are pretty low quality; they were taken with a very small clip-on camera.

If you are feeling adventurous, there are several side-trails you can climb down and follow which are just as long or longer than the actual hike itself. I wandered off on one for over an hour and found myself in a heavily wooded area, with no existing roads to be seen, and yet multiple very old cars where sitting there, in the woods. Further into the woods I discovered what looked like an old stone road that was no longer used, which kind of explained the cars being around. Eventually that trail ended and I turned around to get back on Pu’u Pia.

Pu’u Pia is a hike for everyone. It’s not strenuous, it offers a magnificent view, and is a great place to take a date.

Difficulty: Easy.

Elevation: 400 ft

Length of hike: About 2.4 miles, round-trip. Takes about an hour to casually hike and enjoy the view.

Best time to go: Late afternoon/evening hours there is almost no one at all on the trail. If it’s close to 6pm, expect to be the only one there. You can enjoy the peace and quite of nature without being disturbed by anyone else. If you don’t mind other people, any time of day is fine. The trail is shaded and doesn’t require a lot of work to hike.

Worst time to go: There isn’t really one. There’s just more people during the daylight hours.

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