Moki Dugway (Hwy 261), Utah

Moki Dugway (Hwy 261), Utah

May 16, 2009 Categories Road Trips, Travel, USA

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The Moki Dugway is an unpaved, 3 mile long, steeply graded switchback road that traverses up the side of Cedar Mesa in Utah. It’s part of Highway 261, which is a paved road, however this 3 mile section of road is just gravel. It was built in 1958 by a mining company to transport uranium! Unfortunately, I didn’t get any super powers by driving on it, but with an elevation of 6,425 ft at the top, you are able to get a wide view into the Valley of the Gods.

Did I mention that it’s narrow? And has no guard rails to stop you from going over the edge? It gets pretty freaky being on the edge side when a larger vehicle is coming at you. This is a cool road with some awesome views. It’s one of the many things I loved about Utah.

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